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The Risks of Drinking Diet Soda

The unhealthy effects of soda consumption is probably not news to you. Soda has no nutritional value, is full of sugar, and is terrible for your teeth and digestive tract. The added calories leave you bloated and tired (of course after the short-lived caffeine surge wears off). Furthermore, soda is addictive. Companies spend millions researching the “bliss point” […]

Pregnancy Dehydration What To Look For And How To Prevent It

Pregnancy Hydration

When I was around 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby I became very dizzy, nauseated and fatigued. This was AFTER the morning sickness had subsided. I was fortunate to have only had morning sickness until about 14 weeks with all three of my babies. At the time I thought maybe it was morning sickness returning […]