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Finding Resilience Through Trauma


Why Some People Have It So Easy I’ve spent a lot of time pondering the meaning of life in the past 10 years. Why do bad things happen to some people while others seem to get through life the way we feel life is “meant to be”? I’ll save you scrolling through this post for […]

5 Actionable Steps To Take Right Now To Reach Your Fitness Goals

fitness goals

FITNESS EVOLUTION Over the past 15 years as a Personal Trainer, I have seen the fitness industry evolve in crazy ways. When I tried out to be a Fitness Instructor in college my chosen audition piece was Step Aerobics. Helloooooo, Jane Fonda. By the way – Jane is one of my idols. If you haven’t […]

Breastfeeding Your Newborn – Surviving and Thriving

Breastfeeding. Such a beautiful and important venture to a new mom. Before having a baby many moms plan to breastfeed. However once the reality of a newborn sets in, breastfeeding can become a challenge in more than one way. Unfortunately this can lead to mom deciding to quit breastfeeding before it becomes an enjoyable bonding […]

First Week Of School – And A Free Printable!

first day of kindergarten 2017

♥Well, we made it! First week of Kindergarten, check! I can’t lie, tears flowed a few times this week. No, not from my first born girl setting off on her first adventure to Kindergarten. Just mom, and I am pretty sure dad too. Aside from a few bus details, things went very smoothly. Who ever […]