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Chest and Neck Tension Release Home Exercises

Stress In The Body If I could change one thing about where I carry stress, I would move it to my abs. Those bad boys would be rock hard and 8 pack deep. Unfortunately, that is wishful thinking. Instead, I carry stress in my neck and shoulders. I always have. So much so that I […]

Booty Gains At Home

Home Workout Guru I love home workouts because they are convenient and can be done anytime. That said, I have always loved the gym too. However, since having my first baby I haven’t been back to the gym to work out at all. Not even once. When I walk into a gym, as I have […]

5 Actionable Steps To Take Right Now To Reach Your Fitness Goals

fitness goals

FITNESS EVOLUTION Over the past 15 years as a Personal Trainer, I have seen the fitness industry evolve in crazy ways. When I tried out to be a Fitness Instructor in college my chosen audition piece was Step Aerobics. Helloooooo, Jane Fonda. By the way – Jane is one of my idols. If you haven’t […]

5 Tips For Fitting Fitness Into Your Busy Mom Schedule

One of the first things I talk about with clients is what barriers they face when it comes to fitness. The top reason for not hitting personal goals is consistent across the board. Time. Not only does this go for moms, but dads as well. Fitting fitness into your life before having a family is […]