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I love home workouts because they are convenient and can be done anytime.

That said, I have always loved the gym too. However, since having my first baby I haven’t been back to the gym to work out at all. Not even once. When I walk into a gym, as I have a few times for some personal training seminars, I absolutely love it! It feels so home-y to me. For now though, with four young kids, my home is my gym, and I am okay with that!

Bodyweight Workouts Are Solid

Bodyweight workouts can give you great muscle definition without the use of any weights. I love to do bodyweight workouts, incorporating high-intensity interval training and plyometrics. These are great for getting your heart rate up. Weight training and cardio in one? Yes, please! More recently I started teaching STRONG Nation, a program from Zumba, which is based on what we call high-intensity tempo training (training to a beat), and mixed martial arts. It is SO fun, requires no equipment, and has helped me see muscles in my arms I haven’t seen in a while.

Step It Up

If you don’t have any equipment at home, don’t let it stop you from getting started. Over time you will gain strength and cardiac stamina. Over time you can save up to invest in some workout items at home! Many of my dumbbells I got at Target when they had a 30% off cartwheel coupon.

If you do have a few items, such as a step and dumbbells as seen in the video below, you can really step up your leg day gains and switch it up for excitement. The video below is focused solely on glutes. You will need a few items for this video, and about 25 minutes for the workout.

You will need:

  1. One light-medium dumbbell (5-10 pounds)
  2. Two larger dumbbells (15-30 pounds)
  3. A step

If you don’t have these items, never fear! You can use what you already have! Grab a milk jug, some laundry detergent, a heavy pot, a small garbage cans with rocks in it, a few soup cans, a small child, a pet. Get creative!

You can also complete this workout with NO equipment and come back to it later as you progress. 

Start with a 5 minute warm-up before moving into this video. Set a timer for five minutes and just start moving. Jumping jacks, light squats, a few lunges, jump rope, etc… get your heart rate up and ready to roll!


Ready? Let’s go!

Repeat this series 4 times, 2 times on each side

I can promise you will feel this. Get ready to flex dat booty!

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